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We’ll make your website work better for your business.

96 Monkeys provides subscription-based website management services for independent companies.

  • When-you-need-it tech support for your website.
  • 24/7 monitoring to catch failure quickly.
  • Content creation, posting, management.
  • Web strategy and analysis.
  • Support and management of your marketing stack.

Subscriptions start at $49/month.

We keep your site running and your business humming.

What’s unique about 96 Monkeys is that we have a combination of tech and marketing expertise that’s perfect for the needs of smaller businesses.

Sure, we have the technical know-how to make sure your site is always-on and ready to serve you.

But, we are also experienced marketers. So we look at the way your site runs as an extension of helping your business perform better.

So, if you want to keep your site running and keep your business humming, 96 Monkeys are waiting for your call.

More About 96 Monkeys

A better way to manage your website.

Someone to talk to.

When you need help, from technical support to marketing direction, we’re there.

Wellness Checkup

We’re constantly monitoring your site using a checklist that includes technical and content issues.

Making your wishes come true.

Every company has their wishlist for their website. 96 Monkeys can help make your wishes come true.

Fits your budget

With 96 Monkeys you only pay for what you use, so the costs are sure to fit your budget.

A unique process — the 96 Monkeys Way — makes sure you’re covered for tech and marketing projects.

“Amazing work. Boosted site performance and increased organic traffic.”
—Brian G.

“…a unique blend of technologist/developer, web expert, business strategist…”
—Tom S.

“Fantastic work. Super fast and well worth the investment.”
—Samantha R.

About 96 Monkeys.

The story of 96 Monkeys is the story of you.

The web is a great equalizer and can help a small business compete with big behemoth corporations. But big, behemoth corporations have the tech support to keep their sites accessible and fast. They have the budgets to flood the web with links that drive traffic. And they have the staff to keep the marketing drumbeat going.

But smaller businesses have something that big behemoths lost long ago. Agility. Small businesses can act fast and can respond. You can make decisions in the time it takes a big behemoth to set up a meeting to discuss the problem.

96 Monkeys was conceived as a way for smaller businesses to tap into the same kinds of services that give big behemoths an advantage on the web. But set up as an on-call, as-needed service.

So you can stop worrying about the web and start using it more effectively.

96 Monkeys Services.

Here are some samples of the kinds of services that 96 Monkeys provides.

System monitoring, system upgrades, domain management, website hosting, mailing list system management, performance monitoring and optimization, content management systems (and training), site security, backups and recover, email server management, technical support…

Landing page creation, search engine optimization (SEO), analytics and reporting, website strategy, content marketing and blog posts, email marketing, lead generation, conversion optimization, personalization, social media marketing…

Experience with all major platforms, frameworks, and software.

Wordpress Elementor WordPress Theme WIX Website Builder SquareSpace Website Builder X WordPress Theme WPEngine Hosting Platform Hostinger Hosting Platform Adobe Creative Cloud Bootstrap Website Framework Shopify Google Tag Manager Google Analytics Mailchimp Mailing Services Constant Contact Marketing Platform
Adobe Premiere Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Adobe Audition

96 Monkeys provides subscription-based website management services for independent companies.

A Plan to Suit Your Needs

No hassle pricing plans. Choose no-contract month-to-month or annual.

Monitor Pro Pro+
Subscription Cost




Choose your monthly subscription cost. Pro and Pro+ include support time. Please note that the non-profit rate is only available to US based 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.
Included Website Support Time 2 Hours* 4 Hours*
Pro and Pro+ plans include Website Admin time. Monitor plan clients and work performed for Pro and Pro+ clients beyond the included admin time are charged at Ad-Hoc Rate. Sorry, unused time does not roll over month to month.
Ad-Hoc Site Requests 

$20/ten minutes

$18/ten minutes

$15/ten minutes

Work that falls outside of the included support time is billed at these rates. But, remember, you only pay for what you use, so if something only takes 10 minutes, you only pay for 10 minutes. This includes tech and marketing projects.
Domains Covered per domain per domain Up to 3 Domains
Site Monitoring 4x/day 24x/day 48x/day
96 Monkeys operates a unique, automatic process that monitors the responsiveness of your website independently of your service provider so you can get an objective view of your website's uptime.
Mediated Reports Included
We triage all reports coming from the monitoring tool and only contact you if something urgent arises.
The customer portal gives you control over all the work that is going on. Monitor progress, start new projects, keep a wishlist, and much more.
Website Strategy Call 1x/month: Website strategy calls limited to 30 min via Zoom, Meet, or telephone.
Let's connect regularly on phone or video call to make sure you're getting what you need. Website strategy calls limited to 30 min via Zoom, Meet, or telephone.
Website Hosting
We can host your website or create a microsite. Requires annual subscription.
Monthly status reports Included
Every month you'll get a report with a summary of what has been going on with your web site, what projects we've been working on for you, and giving you a heads up about upcoming issues.


  • Per Domain
  • Monitored 4x/day
  • Website Strategy Call: 1x/month
  • Included Support Time: 0 hours*
  • Ala Carte Site Requests Rate: $20/ten minutes
  • Website Hosting: $25/month**

$19 per month


  • Per Domains
  • Monitored 24x/day
  • Website Strategy Call: 2x/month
  • Included Support Time: 2 hours*
  • Ad-Hoc Site Requests Rate: $18/ten minutes
  • Website Hosting: $22/month**

$99 per month


  • Up to 3 Domains
  • Monitored 48x/day
  • Website Strategy Call: 2x/month
  • Included Support Time: 4 hours*
  • Ad-Hoc Site Requests Rate: $15/ten minutes
  • Website Hosting: $20/month**

$199 per month

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96 Monkeys is currently only available in the United States and Canada.

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* Included support time is tracked cumulatively across all included services. Work performed in excess of these and ad-hoc requests are billed at the ad-hoc request project rate. Website strategy calls limited to 30 min via Zoom, Meet, or telephone. Sorry, unused time does not roll over month to month.
** Requires annual purchase