What is 96 Monkeys and What Can We Do For Your Business?

What is 96 Monkeys and What Can We Do For Your Business?

96 Monkeys offers technical services and know-how to make sure your website works better for your business.

We are a subscription-based service with a range of plans designed to meet your style and budget.

What’s unique about 96 Monkeys is that we have a combination of tech and marketing expertise that’s perfect for the needs of smaller businesses.

About 96 Monkeys

Technical and marketing know-how to make sure your website works better for your businesses.

If your website is important to your business, it’s worth making sure it’s running well and has the features and functionality that support your business.

That’s what 96 Monkeys is: we keep an eye on your website and make sure it’s always performing at its best. We can identify and fix technical problems. Plus, we can build new sections that will help you market your business.

The magical thing about 96 Monkeys is that we are there when you need us. We can be a background service that just keeps an eye on your website to make sure it’s working. We can be marketing partners, executing plans that drive business. Or anything in between. And you only pay for the time you use.

We monitor your website 24×7.

At the core of every 96 Monkeys subscription is an independent monitoring service that checks on the responsiveness of your site 24/7/365.

This service quickly alerts 96 Monkeys of any anomalies with your site so we can act fast.

Along with this critical data, we also compare current response speed against an average for your site and against an average of all sites monitored by 96 Monkeys.

We update and upgrade and do what needs doing to keep your website performing.

All those system upgrades and plug-in updates… enough to drive a business owner crazy. Should you or shouldn’t you? Will it crash your website?

Just because a vendor releases a new version, that doesn’t mean you have to use it.

We handle those as a matter of course. With 96 Monkeys on your team, you don’t even have to worry about those pesky upgrades.

We’ll take care of it.

We de-complicate your technology.

Running a business is complicated enough. And shifting focus to deal with your website requires a different set of skills.

With 96 Monkeys on your team, you can keep your eyes and energy on your business. We’ll make sure your website is running well and doing the job you need it to do.

96 Monkeys can show you the path through the maze.

We jockey the code that makes the whole world buy.

If you have goals to make your website an arm of your business, we can help you jockey the systems and the code that will make your site function well and perform at its peak.

Shopify? Woocommerce? Magneto? You really don’t need to get into the weeds on which system to use for your online store. You can focus on the bigger picture.

Plus, once your store is up and running, we can provide marketing services that will literally drive business to your site.

Our customer portal keeps you in charge.

Monitor Project Progress.

Get status updates on projects to make sure they are on schedule. Start and stop projects as needed. Even keep a wishlist of things you’d like to see.

License Tracking

Never be surprised by a domain name renewal or other license expiration again. Our customer portal keeps track of all your subscriptions.

Manage Your Budgets.

Keep track of how much you’re spending and never be surprised by an invoice again.

Keep Our Priorities Straight.

At 96 Monkeys, your priorities are our priorities. And the customer portal makes sure we’re on the same page.

A Real-Life Example

A client created lots of content. The folks who built their site created a nice utility which allowed them to show links to content from various places on their site. There were about 5 pages where this “Resource Center” appeared. It was excellent for distribution.

Unfortunately, the way it was constructed, the marketing manager had to make every change on every page the unit appeared. Not only was this a hassle that took hours to accomplish, but it introduced the opportunity for errors.

In short order, we re-built the utility so that changes could be made in one place and they would be automatically reflected whereever the “Resource Center” unit appeared. Suddenly marketing could use the tool to quickly promote the latest and greatest.

Like we say at 96 Monkeys: problem solved!

The system took hours to use and was error-prone. 96 Monkeys solved that problem and gave the marketing group more power.

Experience with all major platforms, frameworks, and software.

Wordpress Elementor WordPress Theme WIX Website Builder SquareSpace Website Builder X WordPress Theme WPEngine Hosting Platform Hostinger Hosting Platform Adobe Creative Cloud Bootstrap Website Framework Shopify Google Tag Manager Google Analytics Mailchimp Mailing Services Constant Contact Marketing Platform
Adobe Premiere Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Adobe Audition

We provide technical and marketing know-how to make your site work better for your business.

A Plan to Suit Your Needs

With our no hassle pricing plans. All services provided month-to-month. No long term contracts.

Plan Comparison Chart

SMB Monitor SMB Pro SMB Commander
Site Monitoring 4x/day 24x/day 48x/day
An automatic process that monitors the responsiveness of your website.
Mediated Reports Included Included Included
We triage all reports coming from the monitoring tool and only contact you if something urgent arises.
Customer Portal Access 24x7 Included Included Included
The customer portal gives you control over all the work that is going on. Monitor progress, start new projects, keep a wishlist, and much more.
Website Strategy Call optional 1x/month 2x/month 2x/month
Let's connect regularly on phone or video call to make sure you're getting what you need.
Ad-Hoc Site Requests  $20/ten minutes $18/ten minutes $15/ten minutes
Work that falls outside of the included support time is billed at these rates. But, remember, you only pay for what you use, so if something only takes 10 minutes, you only pay for 10 minutes. This includes tech and marketing projects.
Website Admin Support $20/ten minutes Included Included
When problems occur with your site, we're on the case. SMB Pro and Commander uses included support time first.
Domain Management Included Included
We track renewal dates on your website domain and SSL certificate so you won't wake up one morning and find your website can't be accessed.
License Management Included Included
We track any service that you subscribe to that requires renewals.
System Upgrades Included Included
When system and plug-in upgrades happen, we make sure that they don't conflict with your website.
Website Hosting Included
We can host your website or create a microsite.
Included Support Time 2 Hours* 4 Hours*
This is how much support time is included with your plan. Please note that time is measured cumulatively against all included services.
Monthly status reports Included Included Included
Every month you'll get a report with a summary of what has been going on with your web site, what projects we've been working on for you, and giving you a heads up about upcoming issues.

SMB Monitor
Be sure your site is up. We’ll independently monitor your site 24×7 and provide you with solution-based reports for any problems that arise.
$19 / mo.
  • Your Site Monitored 4x/day
  • Mediated Reports
  • Customer Portal Access, 24/7
  • Website Strategy Call 1x/month
  • Ad-Hoc Site Requests
    • $20/ten minutes
  • Website Admin Support
  • Monthly status reports
Amp up the monitoring, includes a range of services with 2 strategy calls and 2 hours admin support per month.
$99 / mo.
  • Your Site Monitored 24x/day
  • Mediated Reports
  • Customer Portal Access 24/7
  • Website Strategy Call 2x/month
  • Ad-Hoc Site Requests
    • $18/ten minutes
  • Website Admin Support – Included*
  • Domain Management – Included*
  • License Management – Included*
  • System Upgrades – Included*
  • Included Support Time: 2 hours*
  • Monthly status reports
SMB Commander
Nearly constant monitoring, includes a range of services with 2 strategy calls and 4 hours admin support per month.
$199 / mo.
  • Your Site Monitored 48x/day
  • Mediated Reports
  • Customer Portal Access 24/7
  • Website Strategy Call 2x/month
  • Ad-Hoc Site Requests
    • $15/ten minutes
  • Website Admin Support – Included*
  • Domain Management – Included*
  • License Management – Included*
  • System Upgrades – Included*
  • Website Hosting – Included*
  • Included Support Time: 4 hours*
  • Monthly status reports
* Included support time is tracked cumulatively across all included services. Work performed in excess of these and ad-hoc requests are billed at the ad-hoc request project rate. Website strategy calls limited to 30 min via Zoom, Meet, or telephone. Sorry, unused time does not roll over month to month.